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Amethyst with Man Figure 18K Gold and Diamonds Ring

Shamans occupied the highest positions of the societies. Specialists in Astronomy, Mathematical Systems, Architecture, Natural Medicine but first and foremost “Mediators between this WORLD and their SUPERNATURAL world (their Cosmos)”.  Considered the doctors of the tribes (Healers).

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• Man Figure:18K Gold
• Side Bar: 18K Gold 13mm. high.
• Diamonds: 5 Units VsI2 white 0.20 carat
• Amethyst 5.7 carat Emerald cut AAA quality 10mm. high x 12mm. wide
• Cabochon cut Amethyst on Bar: 0.12 carat
• Ring 18K Gold white
• Series of 4/4
• Ring may be sized as requested
• Gemologist Certificate
• Collector Exclusive – Unique Piece Certified

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