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Original Roman Coins with Rubies Necklace

The idea on this design was to frame in a museum form these two great coins not invading the irregular valuable shape but pin holding them. The stones are that added value of elegance for the over 110 carat rubies.

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• Coins: Diameter: 17.8 mm. each approx.
• Coins with Frame: 28.5 mm. diameter each.
• Metal: Necklace Metal: 18K Gold. Sterling Silver Frame of Coins.
• Stones: Natural polished Rubies from India.
• Coins Description: 1- Valens Roman Emperor 364-378. Bronze Coin.
• 2- Vespasian Roman Emperor 69-79 AD. Bronze Coin.
• Series: 1/1.  Original coins will always be unique.
• Collector Exclusive – Unique Piece Certified

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