18K Gold Double Head Bird Necklace

This specific design is beautiful in the meaning “INSEPARABLE” due to the two heads together in one body.  Related in our lives to feel that will never take oneself off from. Those pectorals with the emeralds just make the piece very elegant!! Note that the two bails where the piece hangs are two Birds as well.

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• Symbol: Bird.
• Metal: 18K Gold.
• Stones on Bird: 57 units of natural non-treated Colombian Emeralds: 1.99 carats.
• Stones on Necklace: As shown: Black Onyx and Green Onyx.
• The necklace can be designed with desired stones.
• Size of Bird: 89mm. high including the 2 bail Birds x 84mm. wide on wings.
• Series: 4/4.
• Collector Exclusive – Unique Piece Certified

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