This PRICE is per Unit. You decide how many units you want to purchase and it will be assembled accordingly.

Natural non-treated Colombian Emeralds in 18K Gold White and Diamonds Necklace

Emerald the Queen of gemstones – so called because it is the oldest crystal gemstone known to man. Only pearl and amber pre-date emerald, and these are both organic gems. Emeralds have actually been mined for over 5000 years going back to the days of the ancient Egyptians.

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The cost of the necklace will be priced per unit. The buyer will be able to acquire the desired number of units always keeping in mind that in each Necklace there will be a 1 Center and a 1 Dangling unit if desired.

• Emeralds: 1.3 carats each non-treated Colombian Emerald.
• Diamonds:  VSI2 white 14 Units – 0.35 carat each unit.
• Series: 4/4
Price per Unit $ 2,150.00
• Collector Exclusive – Unique Piece Certified

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